We present to you our Metaverse platform which allows interstellar travel and is meant for space lovers who are looking for entertainment. The principle is simple – upload your data and our platform will send it to space for an eternal journey. And that is not all, our platform allows you to communicate with like-minded people, share your pictures, videos and findings. All you need is to connect to our Metaverse social platform via browser or mobile app.

Cloud Storage

Upgradable storage plans


Open TV, Next generation content provider


Fully responsive

For any devices size and type

Social Network

Real users with fair usage. No bots, fake users – yes, we don’t have such a problem like others does.


Hybrid platform

Token holders always have the same ratio of 1:1 on the “Data unit” no matter what the regular price is paid in USD via Paypal, credit card, or other cryptocurrencies. The regular price is always $2 for “Data unit” (e.g. 1 photo or 1 sec video).

Infinite Visual Canvas

Responsive for all devices

365 million is it a lot?

We believe some uploads on social media platforms are way more than 365 million or in other words more than 300 million photos daily. What that means is that only 365 million photos, DNA or 6 million hours of video can only be “beamed” to space paid in WBM tokens.


All new project modules (eg. marketplace, NFT, Ads, gaming, etc.) will be added to the main platform. Every December 40% of revenue received from the main market in USD will be bought back in exchange(s).

Enterprise Scalability

Platform Upgrade “unlimited”