Space to Everyone

Beam yourself into space for 2 cups of coffee and it’s not a joke. Don’t say “When moon”, when you can choose the whole Universe. Community based SAT TV with TVos




Phase I token sale completed. Phase II runs until

Raised - 2,698,450 WBM
Target - 20,000,000 Tokens
Soft cap
Hard cap

About WarpBeam

We present to you our Metaverse platform which allows interstellar travel and is meant for space lovers who are looking for entertainment. The principle is simple – upload your media and our platform will send it to space for an eternal journey. And that is not all, our platform allows you to communicate with like-minded people, share your pictures, videos and findings. All you need is to connect to our Metaverse social platform via browser or mobile app.

Space earth
Hybrid platform
Token holders always have the same ratio of 1:1 on the “Data unit” no matter what the regular price is paid in USD via Paypal, credit card, or other cryptocurrencies. The regular price is always $2 for “Data unit” (e.g. 1 photo or 1 sec video).
All new project modules (eg. marketplace, NFT, Ads, gaming, etc.) will be added to the main platform. Every December 40% of revenue received from the main market in USD will be bought back in exchange(s).
365 million is it a lot?
We believe some uploads on social media platforms are way more than 365 million or in other words more than 300 million photos daily. What that means is that only 365 million photos, DNA or 6 million hours of video can only be “beamed” to space paid in WBM tokens.

Why choose our token

Cloud Storage
Use your account as Cloud Storage or Upgrade an account using WBM tokens
WBM Payments
Get services with 1:1 ratio for media unit | Paying in Fiat is ~2USD
Protect the identity
We dont't store your tokens on our Platform. Connect your wallet only when you need to pay for the service
Ads Publisher account
Priviledges and extra features using WBM tokens.

Supported wallets for keeping WBM tokens

Our token runs on Binance Smart Chain. Any BSC-supported wallet is accepted. Make sure you are always using the correct contract: 0xe45ff7cd0483b607a1599ded97554c9d012e4e83

Simple and user friendly wallet. Run as Web extention or IOS / Android mobile wallet Defi wallet
Multi Wallet from
Coinbase Wallet
Defi wallet from Coinbase
Trust Wallet
Multiwallet and user friendly interface

ICO Token Details

Our initial coin offering will end on 2022.05.30 unless the hard cap is reached earlier. Full details of the ICO can be found within the platform.

Feb 1, 2022 (9:00 AM GMT)
20,000,000 Tokens
Tokens available for public
226,300,000 Tokens
Distribution I
20% Tokens via SafeSWAP
Dec 1, 2022 (0:00 AM GMT)
226,300,000 $WBM
Tokens exchange rate
1 WBM = $0.25
Distribution II
IEO Listing
Acceptable curencies
Total Token Suply
365,000,000 $WBM
Minimal transaction amount
100 Tokens / Transaction
Distribution III
Exchange markets

Due to COVID we had to shift the timeline by 2 month (Only sale roadmap)


Team Players

Our team player alway finds effective ways to improve the product and process

Contact Us


Below we’ve provided a bit of ICO, WBM Token. If you have any other questions, please get in touch via email.

Canada, US are restricted in ICO period. Markets may open on Exchange(s) KYC required.

We accept Stable Coins, BNB, BCH, BTC, XRP, XLM. Other cryptocurrencies by manual and private agreement.

By paying for the service in WBM tokens, 1 data unit transmission will always be 1:1 ratio, while paying in USD, service cost around $2 per data unit. Price may change depending other factors.

You may choose Private Sale or Public sale. Both have different discounts.

According to our predictions, and successfully launch of the platform, more than 1.6 Billion viewers can see your content only with Sat TV-BOX freely, + SmartTV integration as an APP with +665 million households

Fact: 10 min transmission paid in Fiat = 1200$ / in WBM = 150

Yes. If you are planning to run constantly and want to have a specific time, you may pay a 1-time fee in $WBM tokens. Our price list for Different time zones and primetime slots will be published after the ICO. 




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Warp Beam - Space to Everyone