Beam yourself in to space. SPACE FOR EVERYONE

Next generation Social based Community SatTV ecosystem

Full ecosystem including social engagement, real user content,  NFT passport, smartTV app, marketplace, Stake&Earn, mobile app and etc.

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Why Blockchain?

Blockchain is the most transparent thing made by humans for humans. All information is public, “read-only”. 

Complete control of what information you want to engage, earning rewards with your activity.

Social network

All the best from social networks, but not only.

  • Real users, no bot’s, fake profiles.
  • Fair usage no matter free or premium plans
  • Build your strong communities in one ecosystem
  • Perfect tools to grow as a “rising star”
Great! Redeemed succesfully.

Native app

Native app for mobile users. Coming soon

Watch your beamed or LIVE program via SmartTV app

Pay once – play forever. Profile authorisation & content linking via NFT

NFT Marketplace

Early Adoption