Simplified roadmap

Pie chart with important information for project development.

Alpha version

01. Platform deployment for IOS / Android / Web


02. Alpha version with integration to core for watching Public, private, Live TV content

NFT authorisation

03. Single click authorisation via wallet to login from SmartTV application to Core

WarpBeam NFT marketplace

04. Launched accessible via nft.warpbeam.io

Database submission

05. Meta data submission

NFT marketplace

06. Contract with approved content creators as part of Warpbeam community. Submission form available to public

Near Future

Small and critical updates to core, smart contract deployment, Payment systems

Beta version

Platform deployment on servers and Beta testing for community

Launchpad on P2P exchange

Working with PR Agency - final touches

Early Access for community

Fully functional with limited services.

Listing process

Listing process

CMC submission

Live data on major information websites

Payment processor

Payments activation on platform for early access. Fully functional premium services via FIAT


TV contract activation and testing live transmission. First public access for TV

TV program build

OnAIR program presell for Primetime, A,B,C,D timezone slots reservation

Original content

Application form for submission to WarpBeam Original series program content. Upcoming OnAIR shows

Public version

Final version release. Major upgrades & Developments

Final version

Final release on all Platforms & Devices


Automation via smart-contract and API

Multi Program playlist

Separating content and automation for each Region


Promotion & Exibitions


Various models & integrations for B2B, B2C


Something cool...

Live Broadcast

Live from arround the World


Partners & Creators


UI/UX and extra modules for CORE. Entertainment